sometimes I think about how the bookmen probably would have been teenagers when they chopped off drosselmeyer’s hands

sometimes I think about how they’ve probably been living in fear and doing this stuff for their whole lives


when the food at someone else’s house tastes horrible, but you don’t want to offend anyone


Mimi, there's officially a design now for Nyo!Lithuania!


Ooh yess!! I saw earlier-

Im so happy because that’s pretty much how I’ve been drawing her all this time??

Nyo!poland looks super cool too though!

I might just

draw them in a bit



Aaron Paul: confused by fashion

the greatest post in internet history

"the fuck is this?? the fuck is that??"

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do you ever draw for so long that for a split second you forget who you are


Someone could tell me I’m the most important person to them a thousand times and I’d still be terrified of annoying them.

I think my biggest accomplishment is actually managing to find and buy a princess tutu doujin


remember in the pt manga where tutu actually comes out and talks to ahiru

and reassures her that everything’s okay and that she needs to stay strong

the only problem being that in the context of the manga it makes absolutely no sense because there’s no story controlling the town and they don’t explain what/who tutu is or why she’s a separate entity sometimes maybe 


Bag of Chips = 100% Air.